Environmentally conscious print products 

"Enviro essentials has evolved again, thanks to a major investment in our pressroom we now offer the Australian graphic community Anicolor zoneless inking technology. Expect exceptional quality and colour consistency throughout the whole product line along with a long list of reseller benefits" 

> Order quantities as low as 50 on all products

> All products include free delivery in unmarked boxes directly to your client within Australian capital cities

> AQ varnish plus IR drying applied to all products where applicable to protect your order and allowing faster processing

> 100% Lithographic offset printing, utilising Anicolor offset technology from Heidelberg

> Sublima high definition hybrid (cross-modulation) advanced screening technology

> Greater colour consistency throughout the entire production run

> Premium paper stocks

> 90% reduction in waste, that equates to over one million sheets of paper per year

> Chemistry free computer to plate production

Environmental policy

Bicubic is ethically motivated in promoting sound environmental policies within the company and thus is pledging to play a positive role in protecting the environment for future generations. Understanding our environmental responsibility we commit to encouraging good environmental practice throughout the organisation including the manufacturing facility.

Bicubic its management and staff aspire to

> Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry best practice

> Maintain and oversee waste minimisation and recycling programme, promoting environmentally friendly waste disposal

> The prevention of pollution in our business activities and the efficient use of raw materials to conserve natural resources

> Reduce and monitor energy consumption and water usage where possible

> Continual environmental performance improvement 

> Ensure that staff are familiar with all relevant waste disposal processes, procedures and legislation

> Communicate our environmental good practice & overall environmental performance to our employees, suppliers & customers

> Some of our environmental good practice methods and processes are as follows:

> Recycling of all paper waste

> Use of vegetable based printing ink, that being soy oil

> Anicolor zoneless inking technology reduces waste by 90%, that equates to over one million sheets of paper per year

> 100% digital workflow computer to plate, eliminating film use and its associated chemistry

> 100% of all used printing plates are recovered for recycling

> Chemical free digital proofs

> All used toner cartridges are recycled

> All used washup cloths are collected and recycled

> Returning of wooden pallets to suppliers for re-use

> Plastics including wrapping, ink canisters and containers are collected and recycled

> All products are packaged in 100% recycled material

> The use of advanced Sheetfed fountain solution allowing printing with reduced IPA dosage

Management at all levels of Bicubic is responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated and adhered to by all employees and subcontractors and that it is also made available to interested members of the community